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Whether you are looking for an apartment, loft, condo, or house in the Windy City, we have the resources and client service experience to make this significant purchase both simple and satisfying—as our many contented clients will tell you!

George and Kara are the total package, everything from market expertise to great customer service.
Michael Meridith
excellent overall experience
Jonathan Schatz
George is a VERY patient realtor. He worked with me for a few months while I was looking for a 2BR, then I switched to wanting a 1BR, then I ended up wanting to wait a year. When I came back to wanting to buy again, George was willing to work with me on finding what I was looking for. If I were in his shoes, I'm not sure I would have invested the time in someone who couldn't pull the trigger for months.
Marc J.
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George is the best! He provides excellent customer service and truly has his clients' best interest in mind at all times. Not only is he great, he works with/refers great legal and lending professionals.
Michael M
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George is very professional, easy to work with, and effective at his job. He is honest, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive. I highly recommend George for any real estate needs and would definitely use him again.
Mark B.
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I inquired about a 6-flat in Wicker Park on George's website and after we saw the building I knew that George was an excellent Realtor. His attention to detail is fantastic and has excellent communication skills. When I was deciding on a Realtor I wanted someone close to my age so I could grow with him/her. Since I'm 24 George was old enough to be in the field long enough and yet young enough to relate to. We eventually found the 6-flat I was looking for and George was excellent in the buying process. Great negotiator and now we've become friends. I highly recommend George as your Realtor and I hope this review helps you make an informed decision on your Realtor.
David M.
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I met George in 2010 when he was the listing agent of a home I saw at an open house. I really liked our interaction and his personality and decided I wanted to make an offer on the house. George acted as dual representation for the deal. It didn't end up working out with the property, but I stuck with George and he ended up finding an even better place for me. At the same time I needed a listing agent for my parents' home in downtown Chicago, which he also assisted with. Now, 3 years later, I started looking for a larger property to grow into. George found another perfect property for us. Acting again as a dual agent in this deal he is very respectful of both parties. Currently waiting to hear back (short sale) from the bank, but looking forward to next steps. Lastly, George will be the listing agent of the house I purchased in 2009! All in all I have really felt that he has taken care of me, my family and my soon to be extended family. He is truly the only realtor that has listened to MY needs and want and been honest and straightforward with me and given the advice I have asked for. A+
Anna R.
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George Furla has helped lease 20+ loft units for me over the last few years. He's always very professional and easy to work with. Great at handling the details and marketing my property.
Jon B.
I've never had an experience with a real estate agent like I did with George. After just one meeting, he knew exactly what I was looking for and got to work finding the perfect home. After a few showings, he collected feedback and incorporated it to really narrow down the search. His knowledge of West Town and Logan Square is off the charts. Always responsive, he was able to get a deal done under tight circumstances and with very favorable terms.
Mike M.
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George made the daunting process of finding a longer term home in Chicago less intimidating. His in depth knowledge of Chicago and tireless work to match our criteria with both available and upcoming properties made us feel important and secure. In addition, he is very honest and realistic - which resulted in a perfect home found for us.
Lydia and Joel S.
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George is one of the best agents! I met him through another home showing and he was very eager to help me out with my home purchasing process. We saw tons of places and though I'm not a picky person, he helped me determine the right location and home for me. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a home and needs to see a variety of options. Always got in contact immediately and was such a delight to talk to about any questions or concerns I had. Seriously, such a genuinely friendly agent to work with. Highly recommend!
Helena K
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George is an awesome realtor. I had a very short amount of time to find a new place to live and multiple factors stacking up against me - having a 90lb Doberman Pinscher being one of them! George was able to find multiple options for me and sent me new listings everyday, was quick to jump on showings, and was also rather patient ( No lie, I am rather picky). I have recommended George to multiple friends as he is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Kara W.
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Working with George was an amazing experience. He not only picked my wife and I up and took us to almost every showing (over 20) but he gave us the background information and hidden gems on pretty much every area of Chicago. He was also amazing in dealing with builders/sellers agents and negotiating to get us exactly what we wanted. I've never worked with a real estate agent who has his level of aptitude and I could not recommend him more.
Thomas and Mandy S.
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George was extremely knowledgeable! He was always honest, willing to fight for his clients, and was exceptional overall! Many times there were problems with a listing we went to see, both major and minor, and George consistently spotted them and gave expert advice on the pros and cons of every situation.
Will Hobbes
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George took us on from a panicked email I sent him when I was thinking about going to a house showing by myself and was in a high pressure situation. Thankfully, that house was a disaster. He quickly figured out what we were looking for and guided us to options that were better for us. It took about a month to find something, and he was pretty patient with our weird schedules, and random neighbor drama.
Candice O.
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George was incredible in helping me sell my place even though I wasn't in Chicago. He really made it easy. I wish he did other stuff too because finding good people to work with is not easy.
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George has an excellent knowledge and experience of the real estate in this part of the city. He was very easy to work with. He is a thorough professional and very "seller-friendly", if he is a seller's agent. George is certainly very honest and hard working and always goes that extra mile to get the job done. Highly recommended !
Anna B.
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George was a GREAT partner to work with. Before putting our house on the market he was able to provide helpful direction on what updates were worthwhile to make towards the quick sale of our property so we did not waste money on improvements which we wouldn't be able to recoup or wouldn't be needed to help it show better. George was able to answer any and all questions we had as first time sellers through all phases of the process. His knowledge and experience (especially in the Near West/ West Town neighborhoods) is strong and he provided great insights into the area regarding competition, timing and what avenues would work to get potential buyers in the door. In all, our condo was on the market for less than a week by the time our final offer was fully negotiated! George is a fantastic realtor and we highly recommend him!
Tera B.
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George recently sold our condo in Lincoln Park, Chicago. We had this originally listed with another agent numerous times and had to rent it out over the last 5 years. We finally made the decision to cut ties and George was referred from a friend. He was able to sell our condo in 60 days. He was so great to work with and knew all the right people with reasonable pricing for cleaning, updates, creative mortgages, etc..He was great to work with and I would use and recommend him again!
Jamie Covert
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George is a fantastic broker. I've used George to both rent and sell my unit. He blew away my expectations and was able to rent and sell at my asking price. I was a unique situation where urgency was of the utmost importance. He was always an text/call away and always had answers back to me in less than an hour. I hope to work with George again in the future.
Ryan M.
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"I've recently had the pleasure of working with George Furla to sell my condo. He is an expert in his field. In addition to his deep knowledge of market pricing, he is also extremely friendly, very responsive, and completely professional. The sales price and contract negotiations were quick and straightforward because he knows what he's doing and how to close a deal. I was amazed at how quickly and easily we were able to close. George is a great real estate agent. I highly recommend him, and would not hesitate to refer him to friends and family."
Al Y.
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Truth be told: George Furla is the BEST realtor. He sold two of my condos within three months. I had put both of these condos on the market before, but no realtor was successful in selling them without lowballing my asking price. It seemed like an impossible task, but George thrives on challenges and he delivers. He is a true professional who is goal oriented. He works very hard and diligently to be an advocate for his clients. He respected my wishes, and did not drive down the price of my properties like so many realtors tried to do. He actually listens to his clients and tries his best to help them. Whether I'm selling or buying, I would only pick George Furla as my realtor
Elizabeth F.
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George did an amazing job! I highly recommend using him. He found a great place for us, and the process was smooth and efficient. He helped us figure out what we wanted, showed us many different options, and then helped us find the right neighborhood.
Michael F.
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I met George several years ago when I was searching for my first condo to purchase, he was the listing agent at the property I went to see and after meeting him I decided I wanted to work with him because my current realtor was not meeting my needs or understanding my requests. He helped me find a condo in the right neighborhood (for me) and at the right price. 6 years later I listed that condo and was on the hunt for another place to live with my boyfriend. George was the listing agent of my condo he had helped me find 6 years prior, as well as the agent who helped me close the deal on my current condo. The second time around was more stressful, making offers on 3 places and losing out on 2. We ended up with the right place for us in the end, but it was after seeing nearly 50 places and after my condo had already been under contract. George does not sugar coat things, he is honest and helps set realistic expectations. He is really busy, but will spend the time it takes to find a place that fits you and your family's needs. I have and will continue to recommend George's services.
Anna Ramsey
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George Furla has such a solid pulse on the Chicago market that he was able to sell our place for our desired price before it even hit the market! For us this was a lifesaver, as showings with three young children a nightmare! The whole process was seamless and George was a wonderful guide. I couldn't give a stronger recommendation!
Leah Crowling
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George's local areas expertise and on-going commitment made the process smooth, effective and enjoyable. He was more than helpful and responsive with every step, including going above and beyond once I left the city. I highly recommend George to anyone looking to buy or sell!
Nicole Janci
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